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 Terri Mintz - Forth Founder

Terri Mintz - Forth Founder

About Us

Forth was conceived by founder, Terri Mintz, as a result of her own struggles with profound food allergies.  Unable to find nutrient dense, whole, nourishing foods to satisfy her energetic lifestyle, and convinced that others were searching for similar foods, Terri created her own line of products.  As Terri got stronger and healthier, people took notice and wanted to try her products.  And so Forth was born.

What makes Forth Bars different?  Each bar contains ingredients specifically chosen to support your healthy body.  Whether it’s an FDA approved functional food, a superfood, an ancestral grain or root, or traditional raw food, every ingredient is included for a reason. Forth products will never contain dairy, eggs, soy, or gluten. No fillers, preservatives or artificial ingredients either. Why? Because each Forth product embodies our desire to nourish and sustain our bodies and yours. To use food as medicine, in the words of Hippocrates. To understand that the foods we choose to eat today affect how our bodies feel tomorrow. 

Additionally, every Forth product contains ingredients which burn at different rates, in order to provide sustained energy.   Fruit sugars burn faster than seeds, seeds burn faster than whole grains, and so on.  Eating any Forth product will help your body stay energized for a sustained time period.

And did we mention that the products are delicious? Because they are!  Each product has complex flavor and spice, so when you eat Forth, you get to enjoy top notch nutrition, and great taste.